Elevating Personal Training: A Deeper Dive into Fitness Futures | Matthew Januszek and Adam Sedlack


I had a chat on my YouTube channel about the ever-evolving landscape of personal training. In the “UFC GYM | Train Different for the Ultimate Fitness Experience | Adam Sedlack” video, Adam and I explored the challenges and opportunities within the personal training sphere. Today, I want to share my thoughts on the state of personal training and the delicate balance between accessibility and qualit

Addressing Privacy Concerns:

One significant shift we’ve noticed is a demographic that prefers privacy in their fitness journey. Some individuals feel self-conscious about working out in public, while others simply crave a more private space. This led to the rise of personal training concepts that offer a one-on-one experience. But how do we balance this growing need for privacy with the challenge of scaling such a business?

“There’s a self-consciousness about working out in front of people, and then, two, just wanting a little bit of privacy.”

The Importance of Certification:

Now, let’s talk about a concern that’s been on my mind—certification. Personal trainers are the backbone of the fitness industry, but the title has been somewhat diluted. I worry about individuals labeling themselves as personal trainers without the necessary certification and education. It’s crucial that trainers invest in themselves, not just relying on personality but also backing it up with science.

“Personal trainers are like supplements. What’s on the label is not always in the bottle.”

Navigating the Business of Personal Training:

The pandemic stirred the waters, causing many trainers to branch out and start their own ventures. While this independence is commendable, it poses a challenge for large-scale gyms. The personal training business is essential, providing a valuable connection between trainers and clients. However, there’s a fine line between making it accessible for the regular person and ensuring trainers are adequately rewarded for their expertise.

*”Personal trainers are typically the most educated. They’re the ones going through certifications, learning different modalities.”*

Balancing Recognition and Reward:

Trainers, like anyone else, seek recognition and want to make a meaningful impact. But they also need a clear pathway for professional growth. At UFC GYM, we’ve partnered with Club Connect to offer discounted certifications, guiding our trainers to continually improve. It’s about finding that delicate balance between recognizing their impact and providing a pathway for their personal and professional development.

“They want to feel like they’re making an impact in somebody’s life, and they want a pathway on how to continue to improve in the trade that they love.”

Personal training is not just a business for us; it’s the heartbeat of our brand. It brings our spaces to life and adds immense value to the overall fitness experience. While challenges exist, and the landscape continues to shift, our focus remains on quality, education, and the incredible impact trainers can have on people’s lives.

Stay fit and keep pushing,

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