Matthew Januszek


Matthew Januszek is a British entrepreneur and co-founder of Escape Fitness, a leading innovator in functional fitness solutions. With a passion for revolutionizing the fitness industry, Januszek's vision has driven Escape Fitness to create innovative equipment and training programs that empower fitness professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

Entrepreneurial Vision

Delve into Januszek's entrepreneurial mindset and how it shaped Escape Fitness into a global leader in fitness solutions.

Functional Training Concept

Learn how Januszek's commitment to functional fitness transformed the way people engage with workouts.

A leading innovator in functional fitness solutions.
Escape Fitness was founded by Matthew Januszek. He recognized a gap in the market for functional training equipment and education that could help people achieve their fitness goals in a more versatile and engaging way.

The company’s approach was to focus on creating equipment and training programs that aligned with the principles of functional fitness, which emphasizes movements that mimic real-life activities and improve overall strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Escape Fitness aimed to bring more excitement, variety, and effectiveness to fitness routines by offering unique equipment and training concepts. Their “why” was centered around helping people experience fitness in a more dynamic and enjoyable manner, ultimately leading to better results and long-term adherence to healthy lifestyles.